News from your Association Manager

Carole Stopke

 Just a reminder, on May 6th 2020 the USBC announced temporary changes to rules 106a, 106b, 320a and 320b which states 2 lanes must be used for competition and bowlers must alternate lanes. The National Board has temporary waived these rules to allow competition to use a single lane for USBC high scores and average recognition if necessary. USBC will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and can rescind the waiver at any time.​

  USBC also has waived the dry towel rule and will allow Isopropyl alcohol to be used during competition, 

                                 EFFECTIVE AUG. 1st 2020   

                                 No Balance Holes

All holes drilled must be used for gripping purposes on every delivery

News from your Association President
Sam Morgan


2021 / 22   Season


  We have openings on the Association Board of Directors, if you are interested in giving back to the sport fill out an application and send it in to the office. The local board meets 7 times a year (Monday thru Thursdays at local bowling centers) and helps out with local and state tournaments

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