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9 Pin Fundraiser for the St. Charles USBC Youth Scholarship fund

THANK YOU to all who came out to support our youth scholarship fund. We were able to raise just shy of $1200.  

The Payout for the 9 - pin 

1st Place - Chris Ennis
2nd Place - Carrie Alexander
3rd Place - Bruce Hobson - Also donated some back to the fund
4th Place - Josh Cribbin - Will be added to his SMART account
5th Place - Melissa Openlander - Also donated all back to the scholarship fund
6th Place - Steven Zlotopolski - Will be added to his SMART account

A huge THANK YOU goes out to every company below that donated items for raffles!

Donations given by Roto Grip, Quintin White of Strike phi Strike Pro Shop and C300 and local professional Kyle Sherman


Winners of the Donated items


Melissa accepting the Hyper Cell Fused on Roger Drescher's behalf. Donated by Roto Grip

Dave Fernandez won the Code X donated by Roto Grip

Tom O'Mara won the 3 ball bag donated by Roto Grip

Bruce Hobson won the Hydra donated by Strike phi Strike

Adam Oliver won the Saber donated by C300 and local professional Kyle Sherman

Matt Sutton won the autographed bowling pin.

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